Friday, March 7, 2008

The tale of a loogie

Warning: If you have a sensitive stomach I would suggest not reading this post

I have had a sinus infection which equals mass amounts of mucus flowing down my throat because I refuse to 'hawk a loogie'. The other night I was housesitting and on my way to take a shower I sneezed quite violently. I felt a large loogie project out of my mouth and onto the hardwood floor. I decided that that would be an unfortunate thing to leave on the floor so I start looking around for said loogie. Then on the bottom of my foot I realize that I found the loogie, so I hobble over to the bathroom to wipe it off. While in the bathroom I get ready for the shower and then realize I left the towel in the other room. In my attempt to retrieve a towel I also happen to trot my naked little behind right across all of the open shades for all of the neighbors to see.

It is really is rough to be this amazing all the time.


[carissa] said...

you're gross.

His Dadness said...

My daughter makes me soooo proud! Nothing like a little flem to clear a room.

You go, gurlfren'!!

The Dad