Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things I love (and don't) about my bed

Love: When I get into the sheets after I have just made the bed and it is like a little cocoon ready for my sleepy body.

Don't: When all of the sheets get untucked from their places and wrapped around your body. There is already enough chaos in my life, I don't need it in my sheets as well (that is not meant to sound as inappropriate as it came across)

Love: When you wake up knowing that you had accomplished the things you needed to the day before and you know it is a new day.

Don't: When you wake up with the 85 things you didn't get done the day before still in your brain feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of having to take a shower (this is happens approximately 95% of the time)

Love: When I only sleep one side of my bed and wake up in the same place I fell asleep in, this is a sign of good rest.

Don't: While I am sleeping in my comfy bed and soft sheets people down the street from me are sleeping on cardboard in the park trying to hide from the relentless rain and various demons that haunt them.

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