Monday, March 31, 2008

Marriage is what brings us together today

Ugh. I've tried to write this post five times, but I just never like the way it comes out. I just keep trying to explain myself and then it gets too long. I am just going to write this shit down, and I can promise it won't be poetic.

I am in four weddings this summer. It comes up in conversation a lot and it makes me feel awkward. I am not trying to boast about how special I am. These women all hold very dear parts in my life and I am honored to be a part of their wedding days and their marriages.

I think I talk about it a lot because there is this weird paradox happening in my life.
I don't forsee myself getting married in the near future, but I read a wedding blog (feel free to judge). I can spend one hour talking about invitations and the next hour studying for a mid term. I have friend's who are making lifetime commitments and I can't commit to anything past the next three months. I am straddling two very different worlds.

I love both of these worlds.

I am trying to learn how to honor where these women are in my life and also honor where I am in this journey. It is strange to have people in your life that you love dearly go through a season that you can't really relate to.

All of this to say, I know I talk about this a lot, the marriage thing. It's not because I am secretly obsessed and pining away. I also don't want it to appear that I think marriage is silly, I think quite the opposite actually. I am just trying to process this often overwhelming new season.

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the rumination reading room said...

AH kelsey. i am in the same boat as you. what a weird place we are balancing ourselves between.