Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Public Transportation

Reasons I don't love taking the bus

1. Sometimes it smells like one big fart
2. There typically are very attractive men, but they are ALL married
3. The bus only comes every half an hour and I typically read the schedule wrong so I always miss it.
4. Sometimes bus drivers make me fear for my life when they drive like a bat out of hell
5. I still have not figured out the secret rules about when to make eye contact to let someone know 'hell no don't sit next to me' or 'please pick me to sit next to so creeper McCreeperson behind you doesn't try to sit here'.

Reasons I love taking the bus

1. I get to drive through parts of the city that I would otherwise avoid
2. I get to make up stories about people's lives on the bus
3. I can listen to my i pod and space out before I get home
4. Sometimes (and by that I mean twice) I smile at people and they smile back
5. I watch people get so awkward when the bus driver asks them if they are ready for the weekend (on Tuesday) and if they are ready to go fishing. yeah, you aren't special, he says that to everyone.


Allie said...

I hate the stupid bus smell. Gag.

lacy said...

wait, you blog? crazy....

andrea said...

AND the bus is always so HOT and crowded.