Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get the move on

Last night I was watching TV and this commercial came on for something (obviously ineffective because I do not remember the product) . It was talking about how when we travel or move to a new place we are more inclined to be adventurous, try new foods, go new places, talk to different people etc.

I was having that exact thought at dinner earlier on in the evening. I was at a restaurant/bar that I had never been to before. I thought to myself 'I have lived in this city for 5 years and I have never been here'. I just realized that we kind of get into a life routine. Even though Seattle is a big city, I am young, I don't have a whole lot of responsibilities, I still just get in a rut.

I always feel like I don't 'get out' enough. But the truth is, I really don't want to. I would rather drink a glass of wine (or three) at home with my roommates and watch a movie. I think I need a bit of a kick start. I am craving an adventure, but for some reason life keeps getting in the way.

I am constantly battling the feeling that I am too young to be so boring and then feeling like I am almost 25 (!) and there is a lot I wanted to accomplish at this point in my life and I better get on it.

Sidenote: One of those things would be having a family. I think that this adventure or getting out would make that a bit more possible. Let's just say that my current pool of men does not exactly include anyone that ideal (cops) .

Sometimes I think that I should take a year and travel, get fresh perspective.

How would I pay for that? That takes a year out of any sort of career track. Would I just miss my Seattle life the whole time?

Alas, I arrive at the rut again and settle in.


Allie said...

Yes, yes, it's definitely a hard decision to make, to travel for a year or however much time. Because it's inevitable that you'll miss your home and the comfort that goes along with that.

lacy said...

this is one i think i struggle with everyday. and you know what it always comes back to? MONEY. there never seems to be enough for me to feel like i could persue those dreams of travel in the way i really want to, meaning: i want to be able to afford the expensive museum ticket when i'm there right? but other days i tell myself to just suck up and go for truly is a hard place to be in sometimes.

jessica said...

I totally agree, gorlfrenn.

we need to oliver's twist or hideout sometime soon.