Friday, April 3, 2009

An Explanation

So I knew when I made my new habits that this would probably not be one that I was going to keep. I just don't want to write about shallow shit. It is boring and then I am afraid I will loose all of you, my loyal readers. I will, however blog a couple times a week with something of semi depth.

Day 3: successful in the sleep and work out

Day 4: successful in the sleep

Day 5: Today. I really don't want to work out because basically my uterus is making me want to put a fork in my eye. My roommate told me that I should walk and I would feel better. bitch.

I am working a LOT this weekend so I will probs have some good things to share about that.

2 comments: said...

so i'm that roommate. sorry my appendix got in the way of your success. really i am. and it feel better. thanks for asking.

Holly said...

Kryland. Please do not take your blogging too seriously. Shallow shit is what keeps some readers (ahem, like me) coming, as long as it's peppered with the aha moments. The best part about writing is that ANYTHING can be interesting.