Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Open letter to Seattle

Dear Seattle,
I know that it rains a lot here. We all try to act like its no big deal and it doesn't make us depressed and we can handle it because people are dying from poverty (and we are all working in non-profits to try and fix it).
Let me ask you a question Seattle, why the hell do we not use umbrellas. I know that using them would be admitting some sort of defeat, like the rain actually does hit our heads and it is actually annoying. Let me suggest that we get over our smug attitudes toward umbrellas. I just think that a little gem like the umbrella above would make it ok that it gets dark at 3:30 pm every freakin night.

Please reconsider.


P.S. My Birthday is in a week and the umbrellas are under $40 and they can be found here



Allie said...

It must be a Washington thing, because ever since I moved up here I always take advantage of the wonderful invention that is "the umbrella" and I feel like the only one sometimes because Seattleites are too stuck up to use them. GET OVER IT.

Andrea said...

We have colorful raincoats and pretty boots. Is that not good enough?

danielleaxtell said...

Those are the cutest umbrellas ever! And I agree, Seattlites need to use these gems :)