Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Sun

The sun is out people and it is a pretty big effing deal. The sun in Seattle feels different than the sun in California. Here are some comparisons for you.

Seattle sun:
The city doubles in size as people come out of hibernation and soak in as much Vitamin D as possible because you never know when it will come out again.

Everyone talks about how sunny it is outside. This is not considered a shallow conversation, but a time of rejoicing

70 degrees = tank tops

It is totally inappropriate to say or think anything negative about the warmth from the sun. Such actions will result in verbal reprimand from anyone in ear shot or the sun will hear you and go away.

People begin to say crazy things like 'I just want to get sunburned' (Holly)

California Sun

The city begins to shrink in size as people retreat to buildings with air conditioning. People know that it is about to reach about 103 degrees

Every summer seems to be 'the hottest summer we have had in years'. People can't seem to believe that they actually survived that kind of heat the previous summer, it must be hotter this year

70 degrees= possibly still sweatshirt material

Any sort of conversation about how ridiculously hot it is outside is unnecessary and results in a 'no shit sherlock' face from people around you


[carissa] said...

let me remind you that some people come from the part of california where the sun results in 115 degrees and 80 humidity. but of course, i'm sure that you, kelsey ryland, would be outside soaking it up (and i mean soaking quite literally).

Allie said...

As a Californian, I appreciate this post. But as a human being, I do not appreciate when you honk at me.

knmatt said...

You posted this a while ago...but I just read through it and had to smile :) because even though I've never lived in California...I definitely know all about the whole Seattle Sun mentality.

Also, I love you :)