Friday, April 11, 2008

Running Away

You know those times when you are just exhausted? Your body is exhausted, but mostly your emotions are exhausted. Today is one of those days.

I am tired of feeling like I am a constant voice of dissension amongst my Christian community. Maybe this is more imagined than real, but none the less it is how I feel. I should probably walk around with a scarlet 'L' for liberal.

I am tired of talking. I always feel like I have something REALLY important to say and forget that the world may continue to function even if I don't share my every thought.

I am tired of having an opinion on EVERYTHING, which leads to the feeling like I always have something to share.

I know those things seem really dramatic. I'll probably be fine tomorrow, but I just need a chance to take a second to breathe and give my brain a break.

Tomorrow, I just want to run away for a bit. I want to go sit in a field and look at the sky and be still and know He is God.

P.S. don't fret, I have a good, light hearted post in the works for this weekend


The Broken Sparrow said...

I know.

One time, for Lent, I stopped being an activist. It sounds funny and it only lasted for a little over a week but it was a much needed break.

I think that you are great and I love you a lot. Even the angsty part of you. :)

Mother of the Bride said...

Hi Kels, it's Holly's mom. I love your blog. I read this post with great interest because for a long time I felt a similar way about myself. I always had to pipe up and say out loud what I was thinking, and other people didn't seem to have that same uncontrollable urge. I drove myself crazy. I am still an outspoken person, but I can tell you that with age and experience, you'll learn that the sound of silence coming from yourself is sometimes the nicest sound of all.